Eco Team


“A picture of our eco counsellors with their recycling posters – they were completed after a mini project where we learned about the importance of recycling. They will be put up around the school encouraging Wrotham Road Primary School pupils to recycle!

The School has an Eco Team made up of pupils from KS2. This team meet regularly with Miss Walters and Miss Hales to discuss issues, raise awareness through assemblies and check that pupils and staff are contributing to our eco friendly school.

Recycling Centres

The school Eco team continues to work hard and some of their previous work has involved the creation and delivery of “Recycling Centres” for every room in the school.  These are special bins for recycling paper (which is one of the Eco team priorities – see more below).  The paper in these bins will be part of our school recycling collection and everyone has already been making a huge effort to throw away less into the normal rubbish bin.

Eco Kart

Once again, we are taking part in the Eco-Cart Project 2017; building a working electric go-cart, learning about the mechanics of the cart and learning to drive it. Unfortunately the Race Day was in the half term this year, so we were unable to take part on the day, but the pupils have made a fantastic effort, and here are some pictures to show you of them in ‘pole position’!  Well done team!