Meet the Governors

The Governing Body is the “accountable body” of the school- accountable to parents, pupils, the local authority and to Government through Ofsted. The Governing Body works with the Headteacher to ensure that every pupil has the best opportunity to fulfil their potential and make good progress through access to a vibrant curriculum, excellent teaching and a safe learning environment. We work with the Senior Leadership team and teachers to develop appropriate policies which will support effective teaching and learning and we have responsibility for ensuring the financial management of the school is sound.

Our Governing Body has reconstituted in March 2015 and is now made up of 3 Parent Governors, 2 Staff Governors, 1 LA Governor and 6 Co-opted Governors. Governors are usually apppointed for a 4 year term of office although they can resign at any time.

In addition to the work done by the Full Governing Body, we have 3 main committees -Resources (Finance, Buildings & Health & Safety); School Improvement ; Pay & Personnel, these meet termly along with the full Governing Body meeting approximately 5 times/year.

The Governors are committed to ensuring that Wrotham Road School is continuously improving and fulfilling the school ethos of “opportunity, excellence and enjoyment for all”.

Parents are welcome to contact the Governors through the Chair of Governors (Lucy Hornby) via the School Office or please feel free to talk to any Governor.

Governing Body 15/16 (October 15)

Membership of Wrotham Road Governing Body

Re-constituted with effect from 19.03.15

3 Parent Governors

2 Staff Governors

1 LA Governor

6 Co-opted Governors

Total 12

Clerk to Governors: Mr John Webster

Name CategoryTerm of Office
Sarah GreenHeadteacher  
Jeremy Bownasstaff07/10/1506/10/19
Gurpreet SaibParent14/10/1513/10/19
Lucy Hornby (Chair)Parent19/03/1518/03/19
Beth BoneParent10/12/1509/12/19
Gurneet Bains (Vice Chair)Co-opted19/03/1518/03/19
Mark WhitehouseCo-opted19/03/1518/03/19


Governors with specific links2015-16
Child Protection/Looked after childrenMark Whitehouse
Training & Development 
LiteracyLucy Hornby & Mark Whitehouse
EYFSGurneet Bains


Governor committee membership & relevant business interests.
Name CategoryAppointed by  Committee membership

Relevant business/

personal interests






Sarah GreenHeadteacherGoverning Body  XX X Xnone
Lucy HornbyParentParents19/03/1519/03/19XXX  Xnone
Gurpreet SaibParentParents14/10/1513/10/19X     tbc
Beth BoneParentParents10/12/1509/12/19XX    none
Jeremy Bownas



Staff07/10/1506/10/19X     tbc
Gurneet BainsCo-optedGoverning Body19/03/1518/03/19X XX  none
Mark WhitehouseCo-optedGoverning Body19/03/1518/03/19X XXX none
Adam ArbiterCo-optedGoverning Body19/03/1518/03/19X     none

Key to Committees:

T&L: teaching & learning

Res’: Resources (Finance, buildings, Health & Safety)

SIP: School Improvement Plan Committee

P&P: Pay & Personnel

Pol’: Policy Review


Parent Governor Election Result

We are very grateful to all those who voted in the recent Parent Governor election and are pleased to announce that Beth Bone has been duly elected as the new Parent Governor. We look forward to having Beth join the team and are grateful for Sonay Wooten also standing for election.