Eco Team

Why do we have an Eco-Council?

Wrotham Road believe that the eco-council is an excellent opportunity for pupils to become more involved in the way the school is run.

The Eco-Council allows the councillors to work as a team to devise ways to raise the profile of being ‘eco-friendly’.  Using the ‘Eco Book’, councillors regularly take onboard questions and suggestions from thier peers, as wells as thier own. They then share this at eco-council meetings.

Who can be a member of the Eco-Council?

The Eco Council at Wrotham Road consists of one boy and one girl from each of the Key Stage 2 Classes (Year 3 – Year 6). They are elected by their classmates at the beginning of every academic year.

The role of the Eco Councillors is to work as part of a team to make Wrotham Road more ‘eco-friendly’. The councillors listen to the questions and suggestions offered by their peers and share these at regular Eco Council meetings. They also take part in and lead various initiatives within the school.

Examples of these initiatives include:

– ‘Switch-Off Fortnight’. This took place in November. The Eco Councillors ensured lights were switched off when rooms were not in use.

– Litter picking. Following a timetable, the Eco Councillors ensure that our playgrounds are kept free of litter and recycle the refuse appropriately.

– A ‘Toy Sale’. The Eco Councillors will be joining forces with the School Council to lead a ‘Toy Sale’ in the school hall. The money raised will be used to purchase new play equipment for the children to enjoy at lunchtimes.

Recycle Toy Sale February 2020