Eco Team

Why do we have an Eco-Council?

Wrotham Road believe that the eco-council is an excellent opportunity for pupils to become more involved in the way the school is run.

The Eco-Council allows the councillors to work as a team to devise ways to raise the profile of being ‘eco-friendly’.  Using the ‘Eco Book’, councillors regularly take onboard questions and suggestions from thier peers, as wells as thier own. They then share this at eco-council meetings.

Who can be a member of the Eco-Council?

One boy and one girl is elected termly from each of the Key Stage 2 classes (Year 3 – Year 6). They are elected by their classmates. They are given an opportunity to present reasons as to why they should be elected to thier class.

Recent work by the Eco-Council

Since being elected in September, eco-meetings have taken place regularly where they have been given the opportunity to express ideas and questions which have been recorded in the ‘Eco Book’. 

During November 2017, the Eco-councillors have taken part in ‘Switch-Off November’ they have monitored the rooms within the school to ensure the lights have been switched off if no-one is in the room. They placed ‘warning cards’ in rooms where the adults may have forgotten to switch off thier lights if they are not in there.

In December 2017, the Eco-councillors alongside the School-councillors hosted a ‘Bring and Buy’ Toy Sale in which they raised £198 (in one day!) The money raised will be used to purchase new books which can be accessed at lunchtimes in the playgrounds.

There will be other opportunities for the Eco-council to raise the ‘eco-friendly’ awareness within the school. The Eco-councillors will be following a rota and will pick up litter during breaktimes.