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Wrotham Road Primary School home page

Wrotham Road Primary School

A happy and thriving multicultural school that has a love of learning and a belief that every individual matters.

Our Values and Ethos






We are a community where everyone is encouraged to do their very best and aim high. This is a place where new activities can be attempted without a fear of failure and where excitement and ambition is encouraged. We have a supportive environment in which every individual is able to fulfil his or her potential.


There is keen co-operation between all our age groups and cultures – children and adults, all making connections and contributions through a mutual respect for one another. We are a warm, friendly ‘family’ where people are welcomed and accepted; a place that people want to come to every day.


We have created a vibrant environment and atmosphere that inspires and motivates all who are part of it. A community that values not only academic achievement but also passions for sport and the creative arts, where children can learn to express themselves both physically and creatively.


Our vision is that our children will ultimately become adults who have a desire for life-long learning and who will make a positive contribution to a society that is free from prejudice. Many will (and do) continue to be part of this school community for years to come, ultimately as parents themselves and as governors. We even have ex-pupils who have returned to work here as support staff and teachers! We want to give opportunities for pupils to make a positive difference in the lives of others and in the environment through the adoption of the British Values.


Our pupils look back on their time at Wrotham Road Primary School with affection and smile as they remember what a great time they had and how much they gained from being with us.